Magical Witch Spells

When using any type of witch spell there are some important rules to follow which remove the risk of harm or danger to the person performing the spell or the people receiving the spell.


Magical Witch Spells presents a selection of spells of magic that are powerful and have proven to be highly successful for many people from all walks of life – all through the ages and since time began.


See a selection of the type of white magic spells that work for almost everybody and their situation below...


Love Spells

Love magic is the most the most common requested spells, performed today. Spells and magic for love and romance have in some cases been known to completely change people’s love lives in the shortest possible time as well.

Money Spells

Witches have been requested to perform money spells. These include spells for speedy cash or for long term wealth and abundance. There are even spells of magic to bring about lottery wins.

Protection Spells

Everyone at some point in time needs a protection spell either for themselves or a loved one, to protect their energy from harmful, unwanted negative energies. Highly successful protection spells can be designed to suit any situation, regardless of how unpleasant the situation may have become.

Healing Spell

Discover magic healing spells for good health, vitality and happiness. A number of real spells of magic for healing on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Often people will look for the use of a healing spell for issues they can’t seem to overcome on their own.

Weight Loss Spells

Weight loss spells are forever in demand especially for those who have tried everything and just can't seem to lose weight or stick to a diet. Spells of magic allow easy weight loss with no effort or discipline – the magic does it all.

Wicca and Wiccan Spells

White wiccan spells are spells of magic using only pure positive energy to manifest whatever you wish in life. You will find an amazing list of white witch spells, wiccan spells for money, wiccan spells for healing, wiccan spells for love and wicca spells for beginners. All magic spells are performed for the highest good of all and no one will ever be harmed or negatively affected in the process using Wiccan Rede (harm none, do as you will).

What's Next?

One of the most important details of all this is that you don’t need to be an experienced witch or wizard to be effective. A good spell can be made by any person who feels and believes that he or she can change something with its preparation.


If you feel it's time to learn more, view the complete spell handbook here and start your journey into the world or magic and light.